Vet Submissions

Unlike Self-Publishers, we don't accept every book for publication. We vet every manuscript, looking for stories that are well-written and marketable.


Most hybrid publishers pay royalties of 50 to 70%. At L.B. Publishing Books, we pay beyond industry standards. 80% is what our authors earn on net sales of their book.


This is the biggest difference! Our publishing packages include full marketing and media reach campaigns. Reach over 50,000 Journalists, over 300 Books Clubs, and get your book in front of readers!


We know that getting editorial reviews to place on the back of your book and Amazon page is vital! That's why all of our packages include editorial reviews and a NetGallery promotions campaign to help you get the reviews your book needs.

Why We Are Different

We get it! You need a complete publishing solution, not one that only covers producing your book but leaves the marketing up to you. When we publish your book, we include marketing, media reach programs, press releases, book trailers, and book sell sheet creation.  Learn more.

L.B. Publishing Books

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